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Rooke Construction is built on a foundation that a job is not done,
unless it is done right!

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Home Builds

  • House Additions

    Extending your home can often be a less costly and stressful option than moving to a new property. Keeping all the work and memories you have made over the years you can extend your home or change the layout to suit the ever-growing needs of your home. Working closely with clients, some great architects who can help design the space, apply for planning permission, and produce detailed plans to build you the required space you're looking for in your existing home.
    House Additions
  • Landscape & External Works

    Hard landscaping projects create an interesting outside area to your property and will add to its value and use. You can include Paved Areas, Bound Aggregate Paths with Timber, Concrete or Brick Edging, Retaining Walls, Rock & Stone Features, Fences, Pergolas & Shelters, Ponds & Water Features. Additionally, driveways and paths in a multitude of finishes, all carefully built to our building high standards.

    Landscape & External Works
  • Commercial Construction

    Building services to the commercial sector are within our scope. We can deliver on small to medium sized projects which may include office or restaurant refurbishments, extensions to commercial premises, change of use on commercial premises, complete construction of small industrial units, general maintenance, interior and exterior painting, and hard landscaping on external areas.
    Commercial Construction
  • New Home Builds

    We can provide a turnkey package to construct your new home build. We work closely with clients, architects and local skilled tradespeople forming an efficient, qualified professional team. This, alongside weekly budget and progress updates, keeps our team moving forward with your build with less stress and no surprises. Whether it's a contemporary or traditional new home build in the Shuswap region, we can help!
    New Home Builds
  • House Renovations

    House renovation projects breathe new life into your existing home. You can re imagine and update the layout to create better spaces. Make some structural changes or possibly just modernize what's already existing. There are endless possibilities, and we would love to work with you in the planning process creating the fresh look, function and feel that you're looking for.
    House Renovations
  • Tiny Home Builds

    A new trend we love to help with. If you're looking for a custom build, rolling home, or a stand-alone home, we can work with you designing and building a functional space that accommodates all your needs. Storage is always a concern when you decrease the size of your living space, and we love creating each tiny home specifically for each customer using every square inch we can. We are experienced with installing alternative energy systems for off-grid living.
    Tiny Home Builds

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We Look At
Construction Differently.

Joel Rooke is from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Rooke Construction opened in 1998. He took his company into commercial and residential construction, doing from the ground up and everything in between.

After operating over 15 years Joel closed his company to follow his love of the outdoors, moving to northern Canada to operate and guide at backcountry lodges in NWT, Nunavut and throughout the Rockies. In the off seasons he would fill his time with contracting work.
Finding his way South to beautiful British Columbia he decided to re-open Rooke Construction to serve the Shuswap area in July 2022. Joel believes that in any good relationship communication is the key to a solid foundation of trust. He only works with the best qualified local tradespeople ensuring quality projects done efficiently to meet his high standards of building.

This builds positive work environments to make the project more enjoyable for both the workers and the clients. Joel stands behind his name that Rooke Construction is built on a foundation that a job is not done unless it is done right.

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